Noticias 2016



All VERKOL products supplied to you comply with REACH Regulation.

We hereby wish to inform you of VERKOL’s current situation regarding REACH.

On 2 October, 2008 we publicly reported via our website’s ‘News’ section about VERKOL’s activities regarding the following three required steps:

      -    Making sure with our suppliers that all the substances supplied or included in the products supplied to us are or will be pre-registered within the deadlines specified in REACH legislation.
      -  Pre-registering the substances synthesised by us. VERKOL, as lubricant grease producer, synthesises thickener soaps. For pre-registering and subsequent registration purposes,  we have joined Consortium among whose members are Europe’s leading grease producers and importers.
      -   Elaborating Safety Data Sheets in accordance with the principles of REACH legislation, for which purpose a new Safety Data Sheet-generating software application has been recently made available.
Today we can confirm that we have successfully met the objectives of the three steps mentioned above.
We have been informed by our suppliers that the products whose pre-registration and registration was required have been duly registered.
Regarding the substances synthesised by VERKOL, such as thickener soaps for greases:
   -       All of them have been pre-registered.
   -       We have completed all required 2013 registrations.
   -       We have completed or we are in the process of registering all substances required in 2018. 
Our safety data sheets are elaborated in accordance with the principles of REACH legislation.

We are pleased to confirm that all VERKOL products supplied to you comply with REACH Regulation.

If you require further information on these matters, please check our website You may also call us on [+] 34 948 630 811 or send an email to